The gods are dead. The once-green world of Athas lies in dusty ruin, its ancient sands concealing countless lost cities. Only the sorcerer-kings, undying lords of defiling magic, preserve order in the savagery of this world—and it is a brutal order, enforced by cruel Templar wizards and the ever-present threat of the last Dragon of Athas. But even in the scouring heat and warping energy left over from the Dusk Wars, Athas survives, and breeds survivors. You are one such individual, making your way as best you can in the twilight of your world’s decline. You are just one among many in the region of Tyr, but you are the few who have chosen to bow to no one, to carve your own mark. The sorcerer-kings believe that theirs are the only ambitions, the only powers worth telling tales of. They believe all the heroes are dead.

You are going to prove them wrong.


Dark Sun: Gladiators of Urik

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