Dark Sun: Gladiators of Urik

Sessions 2 and 3: The Basement, and Public Relations
The party stabs some brains, and solves a conspiracy!


Now firmly established in your new home, you spend your time between jobs and gladiatorial combat, both of which turn out to be more dangerous than expected. Nigel’s basement turned out to be infested with Fell Taints, creatures of dark madness which nearly tore your sanity away. With the help of local mercenaries Odris the minotaur ardent and the elven mercenary known only as “The Queen,” you sliced up these mind-rending beasts, evaded a giant eyeball, and tricked the Beholder whelp “Prophet” into an endless, psionic slumber. As a reward for not killing him when you emerged from the basement, Nigel provided you all free drinks — for life! Forest Ridge vintage wine, anyone?

Your luck didn’t hold, however. After a grueling fight with the notorious Slashington Brothers, ginger gladiators who pummeled the daylights out of you in a near-draw, it was back to skulduggery and doing dirty jobs for your employer, the dwarf. During an espionage mission to steal from Aryana the Pure, philanthropist and spellcaster, you acquired an orphan! And not just any orphan: the tiny brown human urchin named Slip is cursed with strange magical markings which allow her to heal injuries with a touch. She now travels willingly with the party in exchange for regular meals, the occasional ceramic, and some much-needed parenting sessions.

Investigating the materials you stole from the noble which, you didn’t find out much of value. . . until Thanok’s arch-nemesis, Usmann Val, bought out the entire underground fight community from right under your noses! Thanok immediately tasked you to do the right thing and kill the bastard. This proved more difficult than expected, requiring a murder investigation, the recruitment of your ex-enemy Gavor the Claw, and some dungeon slogging in Val’s monster-infested cellars. As it turns out, the guy who breeds monsters for a living had some pretty terrifying guard dogs—including his son, a teenage boy obsessed with sculpting whose father’s mad experiments had turned him into a Skulk—an invisible murderer.

After burning young Strocchus in his own kill and crushed to death when he jumped back out again, you managed to bring down that Nobles ancient stronghold by knocking out the pillars in the foundations. Evidence you found pointed to the Spear of Kalak, a dangerous Relic, being in the hands of Aryana. . . who planned to use it to try and assassinate the Dragon of Tyr!

Session 1: Escape and Employment
Previously, on Gladiators of Urik. . .

Your group—currently consisting only of a mysterious, robed wanderer and a crafty half-elf thief—was taken captive at an inn by a pair of ruthless slavers, and tied up in a caravan bound for Urik. You would not stand for this, and made your move several miles outside the city—Wander the robed monk used acrobatics and stealth to get the upper hand on the slavers, while Tiz the rogue put up such a fight that the slaver Rasp, a pitch-black thri-kreen, fled with a promise to enslave you another day. You slew Lalathan, Rasp’s elven thug, and took his name—as well as a curious scroll from the slaver crew’s last victim, the dead half-breen Gelin. During this fight you found Wander could use telepathy to coordinate a battle, a useful skill—and one the pair of you made frequent use of thereafter.

Arriving at the city gates, you tried to bribe the guards at the gates to avoid being captured for the upcoming Tithe to the Dragon, but your skill with coin was found lacking—until Thanok the dwarven arena master approached, using his status to intimidate the guards into silence. Granting you passage into the city, the gruff trainer admitted he was in need of “new meat” for his arena fights. Giving you room and board at his run-down tenement, the dwarf sent you on an errand to promote your virtually unknown fighting skills.

After a brief rest, you set out to put up exciting and bloody posters of yourselves as the new champions of the local Fight Pits! You haggled your way into a seedy underworld bar, Nigel’s Tavern, and met Nigel—a creepy figure in a full leather bodysuit with breathing tubes coming out of his face. Despite his appearance, he was very helpful—he permitted the posters, and provided useful information about Thanok’s background. He also offered a substantial reward if you would assist him with an “unusual pest problem” in the basement, but you declined. Before you left, he offered Tiz an Athasian Relic—a force staff—because in Nigel’s words, “I feel sorry for you where you’re going.” You weren’t sure what he meant by this.

After a stop at Thanok’s, where he gave you Urikite identification papers and identified the mysterious scroll as a powerful siege enchantment, you prepared for your fight! Tiz took point in the arena in the Slaveyards, while Wander scammed the crowd with acrobatic performances to raise money.

As it turned out, Tiz’s first fight was almost his last—he found himself up against Gavor the Claw, an abused goliath mutant with claws for hands! For a while, Tiz performed well—until Gavor got his claws into the slippery rogue and bludgeoned him nearly to death. Wander was forced to intervene, with Thanok paying off the reptilian referee to look the other way. Even with your combined strength, it took a vicious two-pronged attack to bring Gavor to his knees. Interestingly, you chose not to kill the mindless brute, a fact that may come to bear in later days! His artisan patron was none too happy, and swore vengeance on you. You two are getting a lot of vengeance promises lately. . .

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