Dark Sun: Gladiators of Urik

Sessions 3.5, 4, and 4.5: Brains, The Dragon's Rage, and Escape

In which everyone pretty much just shits their pants


In an intermission from the main plot, you took Nigel up on his offer to cleanse the basement. Naturally, the basement had been divorced from reality and was filled with unholy wriggling terrors from beyond the pale! You killed the shit out of them. Good on you. There was also a giant eyeball and a cameo by the minotaur ardent, Odris. You told Nigel he was a jerk, did no further research on the eyeballs and brains, and went on your way.

Your adventures in Urik came to a sudden halt in session #4 when you chased down a lead to Thanok’s conspiracy: Ar-Yana the Pure, a golden-haired human spellcaster belonging to the purist Veiled Alliance. Her interests included saving the oppressed, liberating the unprivileged, and generally being better than everyone. You managed to catch yourselves an orphan in the Elven Market, an important investment that would pay off later.

Ar-Yana’s personal documents, liberated by Tiz, indicated she was up to something. Unfortunately so was your new enemy Belthis Val, who had bought Thanok’s home out from under him! Your mission to tear Belthis a new one brought you to the Slave Yards, where the slaves whispered rumors of a nameless fear: a killer that lived in The Hole, a tunnel lined with obsidian.

The Hole turned out to be an underground passageway to Belthis’ basement—and you were not alone there. Belthis’ son Strocchus turned out to be quite the artisan, kidnapping people and “sculpting” them before throwing them into kilns. You killed him (twice) and snagged a magical whip from the noble family’s stash before destroying the foundations of the mansion and swaggering off like a bunch of badasses.

Your badassery did not last long. The slave tithe arrived. . . and so did Ar-Yana, as you quickly put together her plot to snipe the Last Dragon of your world with a giant crossbow. This absurd plan would’ve gotten the whole city killed, so you climbed a building, beat up her zombie servants (surprise! Purists turn to Defiling Magic very easily!) and threw Ar-Yana off the roof, snapping her neck.

It wasn’t enough.

The Dragon, meeting in his ritualistic tribute with the King of Urik, made an unusual decision: he picked up the King, tore him in half, and threw his torso over the city walls. In the ensuing panic, the Dragon cast a defiling spell that blasted the souls from citizens and slaves alike, turning them into skeletal, murderous husks.

Things happened very fast after that. You met a human wizard, Sol, on the run from zombified slave children; you almost snagged the Spear of Kalak, a magic item responsible for killing a king—but rolled too high on a d6; you escaped the city, sacrificing the mutant goliath Gavor the Claw to do so. He went out with a bang.

Outside the city, you met the king’s decapitated upper half, who begged you to solve the mystery of this carnage. He gave you one clue: “999” and died. You set off into the desert, killed a giant ant-lion, and immediately became lost. That’s when things began to get weird. . .



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